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Uncover your app’s overall keyword share of voice, alongside FREE keyword targeting opportunities and insights that will immediately help you grow your app’s browse and search visibility.
‍Acquiring users for your app can be challenging, especially today. Together with ConsultMyApp, our audit tool reveals your overall share of voice against your closest competitors, how well you perform for the basics of ASO, opportunities for keywords you may have missed and high-value ranked keywords that you could improve to increase your reach.

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Valuable insights generated by our experts using our propriety data tools:

Share of Voice Report
Understand where your app sits in terms of its visibility on the stores against your peers, and immediately see how healthy your app is in comparison. Not only that, you can see which apps are competing for the same terms as yours, and how well they’re doing!  

Discover Unranked High-Impact
Keywords Discover the keywords that can skyrocket your app's visibility which you aren’t currently ranking for, propelling you ahead of the competition. Unleash the true potential of your app by targeting these untapped phrases.

Competitive Analysis
View how your competitors are doing in terms of their ASO setup, including their Share of Voice and summaries for every competitor in terms of how well they have the basics covered. As well as that, you'll be able to see valuable, high-relevance terms you aren’t ranking highly for that you could improve with a bit of effort!  

Kickstart Your 2024 Strategy
Armed with the knowledge of high-opportunity keywords, competitor performance and an understanding of the low-hanging fruit that’s available, you'll have a roadmap for improving your organic and paid acquisition strategies.  All of this for free, and just one click away!

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