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Finding Your Target Audience: Keywords and Relevance

Think of your app as a runner in a race. The goal? To reach the top spot in search results. Keyword Ranking shows where your app stands for specific search terms. Choosing the right keywords is key to getting noticed by potential users.

Search Score (aka.  popularity score or traffic score)
estimates the potential number of users searching for a particular keyword. We created a dynamic search score that helps you gauge the potential reach of each keyword you target.

Choose relevant keywords to your app's features and functionalities. Targeting irrelevant keywords might attract the wrong audience and hurt your conversion rate.

Analyzing how your competitors rank for relevant keywords is essential. This provides insights into their ASO strategy and helps you identify opportunities to stand out.

Share of Voice (SoV) indicates the percentage of search queries for a specific keyword that your app captures compared to competitors. A higher SoV signifies greater visibility and brand awareness within your niche.

Optimizing for Success: Putting it All Together

Focus on:
- Targeting a mix of high-traffic and less competitive keywords.
- Ensuring your app title, description, and screenshots accurately reflect your keywords.
- Monitoring your app's performance and adapting your ASO strategy based on data.

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